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Sản phẩm khác arrow Đá nóng massage MA2

Đá nóng massage MA2

Giá: Hỏi giá
Mã sản phẩm: MA2
Basalt Massgae Stone MA2

Detailed Product Description
Applying hot stones on the body increases the temperature of the skin and muscle tissue to improve circulation and calm the nervous system. As a result, hot stone massages are deeply relaxing and act to rebalance the body and mind. As the superficial muscles relax, a therapist can also massage the deeper muscles. The heat of the basalt stones release muscle tension faster than a classic Swedish massage.
As hot stone massages help improve circulation, hot stone massages are particularly beneficial for those who have cold feet and generally poor circulation. People who may benefit from hot stone massages include those who suffer from back pain, arthritis pain, stress/anxiety, depression and insomnia.